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“My dream was to work from anywhere in the world.. What it took to get here? Setting a goal, designing a roadmap, and a bit of courage”

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My passion is growth. I get lots of energy from seeing people and organisations grow, and love to share my positive energy with others. As a Coach and HR Consultant I inspire people to reach their full potential. By becoming aware, and conscious of what is really important to you or your team. I’m a goal oriented person, and enjoy to help individuals and teams to define their goals, make a roadmap of how to get there and support them towards achievement.

Being raised in a large entrepreneurial family, having a  Master degree in Business and experience as a HR Manager made me a people and business minded person. As an HR Manager I’ve learned a lot about the power of individual goals and the importance of personal development. It was here that I discoverd my passion for Coaching and team effectiveness. Now I’m working for myself,  I have the chance to use this experience for various organizations and individuals, which I am really excited about!

What I also find amazing is discovering the world. Thanks to todays technology I am now able to combine my work with living in Cape Town, which gives me the opportunity to work with international people and organizations. As a Coach and Consultant I work online worldwide and face-to-face in Cape Town or in Amsterdam.

So wherever you are, whatever you do, as an individual or as a; team I would love to help you reach your full potential.  If this appeals to you, please get in contact with me!

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