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Claire Schrama Coaching


As a coach I assist professionals and entrepreneurs with defining their personal succes and create the right mindset to achieve that. Personal succes is unique for everyone. Do you want to become aware of what drives you, what your unique talents are and how to make use of them best? Or do you need guidance to set your personal boundaries for a healthy work-life balance? 

During one-to-one coaching sessions I will help you to clarify what is important to you, what you want to achieve and how to get there. You will become aware of the opportunities and choices you can make. With a positive mindset as a strong base. As a coach I will inspire you to reach your full potential, help you to set your goals and guide you from the sideline. The coaching process will be 4 to 6 sessions. 


  • Clarity on what is important to you

  • Becoming aware of your own patterns

  • Calm mind and headspace

  • Tools for a positive mindset 

  • Effective personal leadership 

  • Focus on your goals and dreams


  • Career development, talents and passion 

  • Effective personal leadership

  • Choice making and time-management 

  • Work-life balance  

  • Coaching your team to achieve their goals

  • Business coaching for freelancers and entrepreneurs 

Cost per session € 125 (excluding VAT)


“It was surprising how well coaching with 'Skype' works! Even through a screen, Claire created an open, warm and trutsting atmosphere. I entered the sessions with an unsetteld and insecure feeling, but ended with a very positive mindset! To maintain this feeling Claire gave me very useful tools that really helped me."


- Olga

“Combining work, study, political activities and family-life is a personal challenge. Feelings of being overwhelmed and always behind on schedule were my biggest obstacle. When I read about Claire’s coaching sessions I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did! She makes you feel comfortable to talk about anything. She helped me to be more clear-minded, confident and work through schedules towards my goals. To have someone thinking outside the box and asking the right, and sometimes difficult, questions is very illuminating. I would definitely recommend this to others. ”


- Jolien

Very grateful that I was allowed to take part of my development with Claire! She has helped me to be more aware of my processes and patterns and to see what I need to focus on to pursue my dreams. The results of our sessions have been given a nice place in the house and every day I make sure that the world is full of good cheer and with a smile on my face. "


– Silke

“Claire is a person where you feel at ease, even through a video connection. She always gives practical solutions where I could work with right away. During the sessions she creates space to recognize fixed patterns and break them through. I am very happy I choose Claire as a coach, this brought me a lot of insights and understanding for myself.”


- Stacey

Claire's positive energy is extremely contagious! I had never worked with a personal coach before. No idea what to expect. Claire helped me to discover what I would like to work on and to name the problems I experienced. Claire gave me that push in the right direction. I really appreciate the patience and understanding with which Claire does the sessions. It is difficult to understand the thinking of other people, Claire does this in my opinion excellent, and that works very reassuring and motivating.

- Vera

Claire has ensured that I have found peace in the uncertain application process in which I am now. She gave me handles to experience this period as positively as possible. Besides the fact that she is a nice person and I felt a click with her, she is very skilled and professional in her field and applies different methods and theories. I can be very open and honest during the coaching sessions so that we can achieve the best results together


- Sophie

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